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    Post by Barend on Sun 18 Mar 2012, 4:10 pm


    It's not only your smile
    the dancing stars in your eyes
    changing skies when you walk by
    how you paint the world of wonder

    the way you drift on by
    like clouds in the bluest skies
    stunned look of amazement
    in others eyes

    the way you touch the souls
    of people you meet on the street
    how brave men stutter and fumble
    the first time you meet

    it's the gift you leave behind
    a loving hand a touch so kind
    the way you sweep people off their feet

    if you could see yourself through
    others eyes you see their is no limit
    underneath the sky

    for now and always you will be
    the apple of my eye
    the stars in my night sky
    my angel flying by

    © Barend van Huysen
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