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    Post by Joan Lotz on Tue 13 Mar 2012, 2:56 pm

    I am deeply enraged, at wits end
    sadly, so difficult to comprehend
    I don’t exactly know how to start
    hurting so bad, ripping me apart
    realizing suddenly I’m not smart

    loving is a very delicate situation
    I feel you’re under an obligation
    to listen to my heartfelt request
    certainly adhere to what I suggest

    enragement, chaos , consternation
    over the world, life an abomination
    how could love be without any fear
    by any means sacred, conscience clear

    can I believe when you say, I love you
    it came from your heart, was really true
    somewhere a wife and child in your bed
    holding me onto a chain, lustfully misled

    I thought an angel really came my way
    you had me fooled for a while I must say
    your words and actions never did coincide
    slowly and surely all feelings within me died

    what I would like to tell you more than clear
    make exceptionally sure, my words you hear
    I am nobody’s fool, you have played your hand
    get the hell out, not by request, but by demand
    2012/03/08 Joan Lotz

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