Heaven's Line

    Madri Cordier

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    Heaven's Line

    Post by Madri Cordier on Thu 26 Jan 2012, 8:29 pm

    If heaven had a telephone line
    to hear your voice again, so divine
    To talk for hours to cross this gap
    my every word a sound like a dripping tap
    I wonder what you are doing now
    I'm sure that the view is amazing and wow
    Do you look upon me with your gentle smile
    if I could jut feel your warmness for a while
    It has been almost eighteen years
    your death was one of my waking fears
    My heart is finally at peace with you away
    I know one day our hearts will find the way
    All the lessons you have once taught
    guided me when for my life I fought
    Kindness, wisdom and love for other
    understanding since I'm a mother
    Wish your stay could have been longer
    but all this has made me stronger
    Talk on Heaven's line
    now that would be divine!

    © Madri Cordier

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