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    Post by Rudi Coetzer on Sun 15 Jan 2012, 4:34 am

    Later that night
    I saw the strangest light
    emanating from nowhere
    emanating from somewhere

    a light so beautiful
    a light so bright .

    An unexplainable light
    an indescribable light .

    I saw the night sky light up
    I saw the night sky glowing
    as the mighty painter
    covered the universe
    in golden orange
    and flaming yellow red .

    A strange
    feeling took hold of me
    and as I went to bed
    a strange
    feeling overwhelmed me –

    I felt at peace
    I felt set free
    I felt gratefulness
    Invading me .

    I shed a soulful tear
    and fell asleep
    with your warm body
    lovingly next to mine

    knowing I found
    what I’ve always
    been looking for .

    ( 14/01/2012 22h45 )
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