Our destiny awaits... Ascend!

    Gerrit Hermens

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    Our destiny awaits... Ascend!

    Post by Gerrit Hermens on Tue 15 May 2012, 10:25 pm

    I look upon the pale blue
    of a nameless winter sky
    as the day grows wrinkles
    longer and longer still.
    Not a wisp of cloud
    above an eagle proud
    soaring effortlessly on thermals
    while the ground cools
    in shaded pools
    I remember a word so true,
    by one never to die
    for in my mind his eye twinkles
    strengthening my will
    as a beach of pure white pebbles:
    “Beneath the wings of eagle’ soar
    lie the world to the core
    a gem of impossibilities
    waiting on man’s abilities
    to reach the heights of kings
    with their scepters and golden rings
    that rule with justice and love
    and bow only to God above.”

    ©G. Hermens, 15-05-2012.

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