Melody of my delight

    Gerrit Hermens

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    Melody of my delight

    Post by Gerrit Hermens on Sun 13 May 2012, 7:39 pm

    The stars in the night sky
    a likeness to thy glittering eye
    and the breeze that rustle leaf
    gently as the water-swayed reef
    allow the Luna to reflect upon
    as thy beauty in my heart: never gone,
    for thou art queen eternally
    of my pulse warm, finally!

    Much obliged oh beautiful Gemstone
    for upon my ears: thy angelic tone,
    and to my heart’s delight
    thy melody echo through my night.
    Thou art grace amplified
    and my love for thee shalt never subside.

    ©G. Hermens, 20-04-2012.

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