Floating in your soul


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    Floating in your soul

    Post by Barend on Wed 02 May 2012, 5:53 pm


    Softly the moon dances
    over your skin under
    starlitskies we lie
    with a whisper in your ear
    I can see the universe
    dance in your eyes

    the wind carries sweet
    memories of us lying underneath pine trees
    your hand rested upon my knee
    in the firelight I see you glow
    thinking back us laughing in the snow

    as night drifts into day
    I long for you to stay
    the sunkisses on your cheek
    slowly drifing into you i grow weak
    with hands so soft and touch so dear
    inside me I will keep you forever near

    now that you are not near
    in raindrops your voice I hear
    the days creep slowly by
    I see you in the cloud filled sky
    realising that forever you will be
    the friend, lover, saviour of mine
    in quite moments you I'll find
    entrenched deep inside my mind

    © Barend van Huysen
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