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    Post by Julia Hill on Thu 26 Apr 2012, 1:49 am

    It’s around nine in the morning
    And I know you will soon be here
    Shy, smiling eyes with just a hint
    That there may be something more
    At play... and what is your pleasure?
    It’s always the same – Tall Americano for you

    It’s around eleven now
    And true to form, you and the crew
    Are here for your break, and
    Bolstered by group bravado
    There is banter
    Tongue in cheek – Tall Americano for you

    And just around lunchtime
    I’ve caught my breath, the mania
    The madness, of the morning
    Has come to a rest, so I pace myself
    For the last of the day
    And no surprise – Tall Americano for you

    Then just around three
    When nearly all is said and done
    You saunter up, in your casual style
    For witty repartee, and light laughter
    To wash down your last
    Hours of the day –Tall Americano for you

    Now as I sit pen and note book in hand
    And my thoughts turn once more to you
    How you made me smile, laugh
    And blush ... more than I care to admit
    And this too will pass – for you are on your way
    And I will no longer have – A Tall Americano for you
    As a marker in my day

    ©Julia C Hill
    25 April 2012

    All material remains under copyright
    (c) Julia C Hill

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