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    Post by Barend on Sun 01 Apr 2012, 10:37 pm


    My whole life changed the day
    you looked my way
    your touch like an angel kiss
    you said " I'll grant you one wish"
    all I asked was for you to stay

    this all happened in oneday
    lips so sweet kissing you such a treat
    listen, feel my heart beat
    in eyes so brown
    I could easily drown
    when you looked at me
    oh what a blessed day
    when you came my way

    your body so divine
    exploring it I took my time
    with cream and berries in sight
    a lover's delight
    we drifted through the night

    you melted into my soul
    for all I could see
    was the lover you awoke in me
    hungry hand finding a way
    longer you must stay
    as night slipped into day

    moist lips dancing over flesh
    tongue yearning to do the rest
    searching and not ignoring
    from your shoulder to your breast
    inch by inch devouring your flesh

    © Barend van Huysen
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