The key you hold


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    The key you hold

    Post by Barend on Thu 29 Mar 2012, 6:48 pm


    As your hands scar my body
    with every stroke
    relief is found in the
    shimmering wetness
    that covers me like a lover's cloak

    you took control of my hunger
    body fulfulling dreams
    I left unsaid

    here is my being
    my fragile soul
    thinking of you
    arousing me in ways
    with raw passion
    of wich you hold the key

    like a flower in layers
    slowly each petal
    I start to unfold
    to see what beauty
    I will find deep inside
    a lovers mind

    with firelight warming
    our bodies on a frosty night
    my soul drinking you up
    my mind taking you to bed
    wanting to explore all
    drowing deep inside
    your passionate well
    where I forever want to dwell

    © Barend van Huysen
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