Lost in you


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    Lost in you

    Post by Barend on Tue 20 Mar 2012, 2:08 am


    For years I've been dreaming
    hoping that one day you'll be mine
    to love and to hold
    like stories once told
    look into your eyes as our souls grow old

    for years there was a longing in my soul
    an emptiness only you could fill
    my heart I give to you to hold
    shape your hand to make the perfect mould

    we were two drifting feathers in the wind
    blown from distant shores
    always knowing always looking for more
    in mysterious ways our paths did cross

    the day we decided to join our hearts
    nothing would ever tear us apart
    to you my being i will bring
    when you are near me the angels will sing

    souls entwined in heavenly embrace
    with you by my side a world to face
    to concur all within
    with you my love my life will begin

    © Barend Van Huysen
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