Strwaberry Delight


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    Strwaberry Delight

    Post by Barend on Wed 14 Mar 2012, 2:21 am


    A warm bath to relax
    hands to dry your back
    cream to rub all over you
    what more can a lover do

    satinsheets and champagne
    candle dances to ease the pain
    softly outside hear the rain
    your essence numbs my brain

    dimly the fire burns
    slowly in your arms the world
    drowning in your eyes tonight
    searching for some real delight

    strawberries and bodypaint
    this,my love, is not for the faint
    dripping ice ceam over your skin
    now let the fun begin

    whisper things in your ear
    words of love you want to hear
    when I'm around never fear
    for always i'll keep you near

    © Barend Van Huysen
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