Your essence


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    Your essence

    Post by Barend on Sun 11 Mar 2012, 10:57 pm


    it's when I look into your eyes
    I see the truth there
    and I realise where
    my heart belongs
    and with whom my soul
    wants to walk this earth

    when we walk in the moonlight
    and the stars dance in your eyes
    I drift away on your perfume
    as we melt into each others embrace
    the closeness of your body
    the godliness of your face

    with littles words of sweetness
    pouring into my soul
    I can feel the power of love and ride it's flow
    when we drift on passion
    and land on the moon up high
    the earth a mere oyster
    as we play in the skies

    for with you I'll share my being
    and my soul to keep
    breathing your essence
    deep insinde me forever
    losing you will make me
    crumble into a broken down heap

    © Barend van Huysen

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