Enigma so Beautiful

    Madri Cordier

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    Enigma so Beautiful

    Post by Madri Cordier on Thu 26 Jan 2012, 8:53 pm

    I long for your touch, the light in your eyes,
    the warm promise of your voice, the eternity of our souls...
    This is my hearts desire, my eternal bliss for existence!
    Fill me with your presence, empty your sorrows in the mirror of my soul...
    Dark pits of neverending uncertainty!
    Beyond time and light...
    Soulmate of mine, trust in love, let your wings fly to my soul and delight...
    Oh love of mine
    Take my hand, close your eyes and pray, take leap of faith and lose yourself in the reflection of my love
    The mad world of bitterness and hate, turn a blind eye and search for the Light
    I will be your Angel and soul's delight...
    Preserve this sweetness and gentle thoughts to open in moments that your love feels depleated...
    Love comes softly on the breeze of my hearts melody. Sing to me oh gentle soul, I hear your melody like my own!
    Forever yours till you come to claim
    Come soon, come to me my love!
    Otherwise I'll wait forever in vain
    My enigma so beautiful...

    © Madri Cordier

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