Web of Lies

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    Web of Lies

    Post by Madri Cordier on Thu 26 Jan 2012, 8:49 pm

    Cobb webs of misinterpreted vows
    your sweetness of promised tomorrows...
    Derailed from these tracks to your promised land
    the taste that comes to mind is rather bland
    Connoisseur at my prepared feast
    you came famished at least
    Ate to your heart's desire
    picked bones clean, I felt to inspire
    How could I not see the signs
    drunk from indulgence from your vines?
    I took your hand and closed my eyes
    and generously fell for all your lies
    I could have followed you to the moon and back
    but the words 'I love you' was at lack!
    Intoxicated by your beautiful words and touch
    how could I not have realized this is too much?
    Just another statistic to lovers fool
    yet you walked away with a swaggering cool...

    © Madri Cordier

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