The Meet

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    The Meet

    Post by Madri Cordier on Thu 26 Jan 2012, 8:24 pm

    Afraid of how to feel and what to expect
    in a fleeting second you would suspect
    My heart pounding with racing emotions
    sounds and sighs in the effort of my devotions
    Will you embrace me and kiss me on the cheek
    or will you run away from me with legs weak
    I'll bring my heart as offer to your altar of love
    sweet, soft, gentle and pure as a little dove
    Take my hand, kiss my palm and lead the way
    for if I walk alone my feet will go astray
    Beautiful garment for the eyes of you my lover
    promises of seduction will grant you the power
    Dance with me to the notes of a love song's warmth
    wander with passion in my secret garden's path
    Explore, smell, kiss, taste and I'll feel your touch
    lighting my fire, explosion with passion too much
    Soft kisses and arms comforting me with caress
    not thinking of tomorrow's goodbye such a mess
    Falling into a dreamless sleep my heart so content
    waking with first light, my heart ready to defend
    How peaceful you look with rays of sun on your cheek
    soft and but a shadow I leave your side with another peek
    Memories forever engraved on my heart I must run away
    scared to witness the glory of your victory forever and a day

    © Madri Cordier

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