Scarlet Red

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    Scarlet Red

    Post by Madri Cordier on Thu 26 Jan 2012, 8:24 pm

    From a distance my glare seems shy yet passionate
    thoughts filled with desire and moments intimate
    My body yearns for your touch and to be held
    my heart hears your melody so soft heartfelt
    Gently you take me into your arms so warm
    enclosing me into your circle, trust and realm
    Your eyes visit my soul time and again
    in your stare I see my mirror's reflection
    I want to lose myself and find shelter there
    hidden to the eyes of this world we adhere
    Surrendering my every being to your might
    feeling small my little dove takes to flight
    Crimson red my passion burns for you
    swept up by emotions and feelings true
    The touch of your hands are tender and soft
    your kisses thrills my every being to comfort
    You explore the path to my secret garden so sweet
    the symphony starts to play when our souls meet
    My heart forever yours - Scarlet Red

    © Madri Cordier

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