Purple Tabernacle of Sin

    Madri Cordier

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    Purple Tabernacle of Sin

    Post by Madri Cordier on Thu 26 Jan 2012, 8:22 pm

    Wide paved roads to the purple tabernacle of sin
    many a heart the devil's way and pleasures let astray
    Empty souls he thought that he would masterly win
    battles faught and crusades of war led the way

    Echo's of evil laughter filled the feast of flesh and bone
    shattered tomorrows, scattered everywhere, all alone
    Blinded with promises of pleasure and endless wealth
    sacrificing all you have, your heart, soul, your health

    Endless dwellings in your temple cell of darkness
    craving your next fix with nothing to sell or pawn
    Clouded judgement by addiction, feeling helpless
    starving with endless hunger, no breaking dawn

    Entrapped and enslaved in satan's sinfull chains
    numb and deaf to feelings of atonement or regret
    Dragged along, spoils of evil's war, filled with pains
    innocent life stolen, err in judgement with disrespect

    © Madri Cordier
    *Written for a friend

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