My midlife crisis


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    My midlife crisis

    Post by antieklimaks on Tue 24 Jan 2012, 12:35 pm

    Am I myself or am I dreaming?
    I’m at a crossroads with my being
    looking in the mirror and being surprised -
    who is that looking back at me?

    Imagining that I am someone I know;
    the same as always but so different.
    beautiful but ugly
    sweet but bitter
    open but closed
    loving but not giving.

    Surrounded by people but lonely
    Am I myself or am I dreaming?
    Is that my voice that I am hearing?
    Who am I when I am alone?
    Where is the woman I used to know?

    I am here but I am nowhere,
    present but absent.
    Listening for a voice I used to know
    Hearing the laughter of another
    Am I myself or am I dreaming?

    Living but not alive
    Dreaming but not hoping
    Breathing in but never out.
    Am I myself or am I dreaming?

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