Earth is just not for me 3

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    Earth is just not for me 3

    Post by Rudi Coetzer on Wed 11 Jan 2012, 3:45 pm

    Monday morning we got up at dawn
    to experience the sunrise -
    a symphony of purple , orange and gold
    reflected in her big soft brown eyes

    the new day turned into royal blue and precious silver -
    down my spine tingled a joyous shiver .

    That afternoon she took me on a journey
    through her troubled past
    and the next morning
    exposed to me her sacred heart .

    Such a spiritual moment .

    She left me at awe
    as she’s did seventeen times before
    in a short few days .

    We touched souls
    we touched tongues
    and the feel of her skin
    still remain
    in my fingertips .

    The experience of us
    edged into my brain
    her being
    tattoo’d into my heart .

    Yes , I touched down on her planet
    earth is just not for me

    ( 27/10/2007 00h56 )

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