Earth is just not for me 2

    Rudi Coetzer

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    Earth is just not for me 2

    Post by Rudi Coetzer on Mon 09 Jan 2012, 5:18 pm

    I did leave this place
    this earth that’s just not for me

    I fired up my rocket ship
    and blasted off into space
    to travel at the speed of light
    to my yet unknown destiny .

    It was Friday
    and I passed the moon and the milky way
    off to a galaxy far far away

    I traveled for nights and I traveled for days
    till earth was just a distant memory .

    Just as my fuel tanks neared empty
    and I’ve almost given up hope
    finally a planet appeared in my telescope
    and I was slung into it’s orbit

    the engines of my rocket ship shut down
    and finding a save landing spot
    was the scariest bit
    but with the unexpected help of an alien woman so I did ...

    I opened the hatch and left my ship -
    she greeted me with a curious smile
    and when I looked into her big brown eyes
    I knew I belonged immediately –

    my past earthly life just a distant blip .

    She took me into her homely home
    to where her young son awaited
    and when I saw them together so close as a family
    I knew I’ve lived a life not wasted .

    We talked for hours we talked for days
    like two souls for centuries connected

    on a cloudless Sunday night I walked her outside
    into the evening dew
    so we could stare up at the starry night -
    every constellation was so clear and bright .

    And suddenly I knew
    why earth is just not for me .

    ( 26/10/2007 23h05 )

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