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    Dead Tree Format Society

    Post by Julia Hill on Thu 05 Jan 2012, 10:09 pm

    With thanks and credit to Eric van der Merwe
    who introduced me to this phrase from Walt Mossberg
    (Wall Street Journal)

    There are widgets and gadgets
    and thingemy-bobs
    3 g and “stokkies”
    broadband and asdl
    wireless and bluetooth ...
    there are ipods and pads
    and berries in every hue
    netbooks and notebooks
    and siri talks on your iphone
    who knew?
    then there’s outlook
    on a windows pc
    which doesn’t have any view
    word which isn’t perfect
    and notes simply don’t excel
    now there’s the dropbox
    and boxnet and things
    they are out on the clouds or
    ether somewhere, me thinks

    So when I sit down to write
    I give a long, long sigh
    pick up my journal and pen
    hug a tree in my mind
    it seems I have been diagnosed
    without much hope for a cure
    “they” say I am techno-terrified
    (I like to think challenged)
    and so I am, or seem to be
    a lifelong member
    Of the Dead Tree Format Society

    04 January 2012

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