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    Analyze this

    Post by Rudi Coetzer on Sat 31 Dec 2011, 4:36 pm

    So you said
    you would like
    to get into my head
    ( do you want to go there ? ) :

    Firstly ( what you must have ) :
    an extreme amount of common sense
    good instinct and a sixth sense ,
    you must perceive nothing
    to be abnormal or weird
    ( but rather see it as interesting )

    theoretically at least
    you must be willing
    to learn and to teach ,
    life to you must be a feast
    and I must be your peach

    facts to you must be obvious
    ( even if it’s a hidden secret ) ,
    your knowledge of human nature
    must be godlike
    ( at least so you must think )

    you must be able
    to cross the border
    between Christianity
    and profanity
    ( at least in mind and conversation )

    you would have had
    to question you sanity
    at least ten times a day
    and if we play
    truth or dare
    you will have to go all the way

    you must be satisfied
    with your body
    and in touch with your sexuality

    you must be proud
    of your femininity
    and not hesitate
    to satisfy yourself sexually
    ( know your body )

    you must be a dreamer
    a total romantic
    a poet ( by nature )
    an artist
    a liberal lover

    you must be humble
    you must be thankful
    and appreciate simple things
    ( like a beautiful tree )

    you will have to be
    a music freak
    a bit of an adventurer
    and a nature lover

    you will have to be
    and loyal

    you will have to respect me
    adore me ( worship me )
    appreciate me
    and be something of a free spirit

    you will have to be
    completely yourself
    and accept me
    for just being me

    you will have to be intelligent
    get bored easily
    and practice unquestionable honesty .

    Secondly :
    analyze this .

    Thirdly :
    do you qualify ?

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