Loss of heart

    Gerrit Hermens

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    Loss of heart

    Post by Gerrit Hermens on Wed 21 Dec 2011, 11:12 pm

    He wears defeat as a cloak
    as he strolls about aimlessly.
    The sword at his side
    inspiring no fear
    or even a sense of pride.
    No. This warrior, as he was
    is now no more than a patriot
    without a cause or homeland.
    He has lost all passion
    and heart in a quest forgotten.
    His purpose, beyond his mind’s reach,
    nags at his subconscious
    its rejection of him, a painful lance in his side.
    What has become of him?
    once mighty and respected...
    now despised and dejected.
    and why?
    because he made a mistake.
    one that he’ll rue for the rest of his life.

    Where art thou oh warrior deep within?
    Surface, I beg of you!
    let not my
    hero of childhood lullabies
    fade to but a whisper upon the breeze.

    ©G. Hermens, 21-12-2011.

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